Persons (conductors, singers, musicians)

Gabriel Feltz, conductor

Charles Demuynck, conductor

Reinmar Wolf, Head of Music School & Conductor

Cassandra Warner, Mezzosopran

Susanna Martin, soprano

Sigrid Heidemann, soprano

Jeannette Wernecke, soprano

Simone Drescher, cello

Wolfgang Abendroth, organ & choirconductor

Institutions (orchestras, music schools, schools)

Youth Orchestra Westerstede

Oakville Chamber Orchestra

Beethoven Music School Mödling

Jugend-Sinfonieorchester Neckarsulm


music recordings

Bizet: Habanera

Schumann: Frauenliebe und -leben

Vivat! Ludwig van

Johann Strauß: Im Krapfenwaldl

Johann Strauß: Bauern-Polka

Josef Strauß: Feuerfest!

Alexander Borodin: Polowetzer Tänze


History of music printing

IMSLP (International Music Scan Library Project): Huge music database with usually free PDF files






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