Contrary to the conventional way of shipping in a paper printed form, LME distributes the ordered sheet music in electronic manner. You will get PDF files in an A4 format which you can print with your own printer or by a copyshop. The quantity of printouts for your personal usage is not limited. It is recommended to save these files on a harddisk or datastick for making further printouts at later time.

Additional programs

Here you will find some necessary additional programs for opening and printing the files (always free versions).

Payment & delivery

After purchasing at LME you get an acknowledgement via email with details to the chosen sheet music and more informations. The shipping of the bought sheet musik files will take place anyway after payment. If you chose "payment in advance" add on delivery the handling time of your bank.

For schools run by the city or the state, it is also possible to pay by invoice. In this case, please contact me in advance.

Tip: payment via PayPal 

Usually payment via the service "PayPal" is the significant faster way and you will get access to your sheet music within a short time. No more charge is necessary, you have only to keep your credit card available or a national bank account and to register at PayPal - if you not are a customer already. Your PayPal account is ready-to-use immidiately. If you have deposit your bank account or your credit card, you can directly pay via PayPal and the file access will be delivered promptly.

How will you get the files

You will get an email with the links to the paid files. If you don't get a message, take a look in your spam folder as well. Furthermore an information about the quantity of the possible downloads (usually 2) an the period of time in which the links are valid (usualy 7 days). In this timespan the files must be downloaded by the customer.

More Informations you will find under Terms & conditions.

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