About Me

By my music publishing house "Lothar's Music Edition" - in short LME - I will offer sheet music in PDF format as download via internet.

My musical career

I have studied between 1967-74 at the Music Academy of Freiburg. My subjects were viola (masterclass of Ulrich Koch), composition (Wolfgang Fortner and Klaus Huber), school music. Also at the University of Freiburg (musicology with H.H. Eggebrecht).

Activity as conductor and music teacher

My first professional experience I gathered between 1974-76 as Head of the music department of "Staatliches Bildungszentrum Markdorf". From 1976 to 2012 I hold classes as music teacher (Head of the special classes) at Gymnasium Westerstede and was as one of the founders and conductors of the Youth Orchestra Westerstede signicifant involved to its progression. 

During that time innumerous instrumental arrangements, transcriptions and compositions for youth orchestra, class ensemble and choir were formed.  

Arrangements for viola

As string teacher I had the idea, to complete the literature for viola by arrangements. They should be used for rehearsing inside the viola lessons and also as pieces at concerts and workshops. It is a matter of compositions with not too large technical difficulties, but outstanding musical intention.



The publishing house LME

In 2012 I founded my music publishing house "Lothar's Music Edition" for a wider publicity. The present offer will be enhanced step by step by new arrangements, transcriptions and compositions. More special features will be found here.



Outstanding quality

I would like to point out the outstanding quality of the offered sheet music (setting, layout, print image). LME puts emphasis in good readable parts, which to prove itself in practice (e.g. distance of the notes and staves, changing pages) and bring joy at music-making by the esthetic image of the parts 


Attractive pricing

All sheet music will be sent as PDF files and have to be printed out by the customer himself. Beside several advantages for the customer (no limit in quantity of parts, freedom of choosing the print paper et cetera) the relative low price is an important factor. Mostly it is 50% lower than comparable offers from other publishers, who provide paper printed sheet music.

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