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Special music classes, which are organized as class ensembles, are to find in many schools or music schools. In these groups each student plays an instrument of his own choice, very often on variying level. Some students are starters, others are playing their instruments for a longer time. Only few are very advanced already.

The offer contains different levels (easy - medium - advanced).





Features of arrangements

The arrangements have consideration for this property and offer to you diverse music pieces with a comprehensive instrumentation

So you will find beside the usual strings and woodwinds always parts for saxes, guitar, piano, keyboard, e-bass and percussion.

All pieces consist of a basical set (voices 1 - 5) and piano. They are playable in this scoring. The other voices are treated as substitutable or supplements.

You may play all pieces with pure string or wind ensemble. Or you add piano and percussion. Or you mix after your personal taste and structure of your group. The piece will always sound completely.


Vocal voices

Some pieces have also one or two vocal voices, so you have more change possibilities for use inside your lessons.



An important educational target is the integration of all students when playing music together. Not least to convey a feeling of fun and pleasure in musical activity inside a group.

The most pieces have also an universal pedagogical issue, either as introduction in a compositional technique, a musical genre or epoch. 

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